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Video Description:

Our body consists of energy. This energy comes from the food we eat, and when that food digests and turns into various types of vitamins and minerals. Also when we exercise we create a lot of endothermic heat source. So it’s a constant process that continues to happen every time we eat or exercise. Let’s talk about a process that is very essential in generating energy in our body. This is not our typical ways of generating energy but it is indeed very critical. We call this process acupuncture. Acupuncture is a part of the health care system in Asia region specifically in the east China and South Mongolia. This system has been used for about three thousand years approximately. The basic idea behind acupuncture is that generally the human body consists of general energy flow. However problem may arise when that energy flow is no longer continuing. Problems such as disease might affect the body.

We describe acupuncture as a process that inhabits the bodily energy that enables the body to fight off infections and calamities. So far research has shown that acupuncture has not been used in the area of medicine such as pathophysiological conditions. It very much means the bacteria’s and viruses that might affect the energy flow in the body. Because of this reason United States and Certain parts of Europe has adopted the practice of acupuncture in western medicine study and research. Going further into the process of acupuncture, it involves going over various parts of our body or the skin to promote a sensation. One of the methods that are actually used in acupuncture is inserting needles on the thin layer of the skin. This needle usually is solid. These needles are used in a certain way so that it passes mere electrical currents or gentle hand stimulation.

The acupuncture has been studied a lot by the western medicine. So far the administrations in USA such as the FDA has announced that for safety purposes acupuncture needles should be used only once for sterility.

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