The Parsley Diet

The Parsley Diet

The Parsley Diet

You can grow parsley for dieting in your yard!

The Parsley Diet is just as it says – a diet that includes a lot of parsley.

The parsley diet is not meant to be the sole diet – rather it is meant to be used with other diets to increase their effectiveness.

When most people think diet, they think weight loss (the parsley diet actually has other uses or benefits as well).  The reason parsley works for weight loss when used in conjunction with other diets is:

1 – Parsley is filling so reduces the desire and hunger pangs that often cause diets to be ineffective.

2 – Chewing parsley tricks the mind into thinking you have eaten a lot so do not need to eat more.

3 – Parsley is nutritious.  Many diets cause a lack of nutrients and the body responds to that by pushing the desire to eat.

So how do you implement the parsley diet?  Just go on any other diet of your choosing.  Then add parsley.  Add it to your meals.  Chew on it as a snack.   2-3 cups of fresh loose parsley can really help you stick with your diet plan.

Parsley is almost a miracle food.  It contains healthy oils.  It is low calorie.  It is naturally high in iron.  It is high fiber.  It naturally cures bad breath.  It can help with gum disease. It is very difficult to “overdose” on parsley (although you can on parsley oil).

Parsley nutrients are locked inside fairly tough cells so some of the nutrients are only available by very thorough chewing or putting them through the blender first.  Do not be intimidated by this – much benefit comes from chewing.  And if not completely chewed, you still get the benefit of fibre and the “filling” feeling that comes with that.

Parsley comes in different varieties.  Italian parsley(the closer one in the picture) and curly parsley (the second bunch in the picture) are the most common.  In most climates, it is one of the first spring greens.   It is easy to grow.  Italian parsley almost spreads like a weed.  The plants regenerate new growth quickly so pick away at the plants.

This diet is used in the following situations:

1 – It is excellent for weight loss.  A cup of parsley has only 22 calories and 8% of the RDA fibre making it low calorie and filling.  It is not filling enough to address a hunger craving but eat a cup by “grazing” over a couple of hours before a meal and you will feel more satisfied earlier.

2 – Stop smoking cure.  Chewing on parsley can satisfy an oral craving that many smokers have.  Nothing could be healthier than to switch from cigarettes to parsley.

3 – Helps with iron deficiency.  Parsley is high in iron.  One cup provides 21% of the daily RDA iron needs.

4 – Parsley cures gum disease.  Consult a medical practitioner or dentist of course with any disease.  See how to treat gum disease.  Parsley has long been known to be a natural remedy for gum disease.

5 – Parsley is a natural mouthwash.  Parsley can eliminate bad breath.

6 – The parley diet helps lower blood pressure.  The blood pressure lowering characteristics of parsley have made it the choice of many natural healers.

Ways to eat parsley:

1 – Simply nibble on the fresh leaves.  Nibbling is satisfying and this is optimal for gums.  One way to keep it fresh is to harvest the parsley by cutting low on the plant and simply storing it is a glass of water.  The leaves are best so many people discard the stems (or at least the thicker ones) when they nibble.

2 – Add parsley to almost any savory dish.  Use scissors to cut it up and add to stir frys, casseroles, soups, stews and almost anything that has multiple ingredients.

3 – Parsley has always been a garnish of choice.  Just use it more. And eat the garnish.

4 – Parsley omelets are a favorite.  Just beat 3 or 4 eggs with a cup of cut up parsley, some onion or chives (chives tend to be ready to pick when parsley is) that have been precooked, 1/4 cup of yogurt.  Fry.  This is hugely filling.

5 – Parsley soup.  So simple, so good.  3 cups parsley, 8 cups water – blend well.  Simmer this with 1/2 cup lentils, 1 clove garlic minced, 2 stalks celery, 2 carrot, 1 cup barley or oatmeal and 1 tsp cayenne pepper to give it some bite.

6 – Parsley smoothies.  Add a cup of parsley to the blender with any other ingredients you usually want in a smoothie like yogurt, tofu, whey powder, milk, etc.  And blend until it is smooth.

As with most diets, the Parsley Diet can be boring (as in “I never want to see another sprig of parsley again in my life”) so it is best by far to not make this a primary diet but to use this diet to supplement other diets or programs.

Try the Parsley Diet for weight loss, gum health, bad breath, stopping smoking and for enhancing iron stores in the body.

Are the problems with eating TOO much parsley?  Yes.  Parsley contains many things that can be toxic in large quantities.  It contains apiole (can cause uterus contractions and cause abortion), oxalic acid (may cause kidney stones or aggravate them), myristicin (can cause hallucinations and changed behavior) and vitamin K(which can be toxic).

There is no published limit on parsley consumption.  2-3 cups of fresh parsley per day should be fine for any adult.  As with all diets – think moderation.

The Parsley Diet

The Parsley Diet

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  1. Tony

    The parsley diet is a great addition to any other diet program. It really helps diet compliance. Cannot say enough good things about it.