Knee Replacement New Technology

Knee Replacement New Technology

Knee replacement new technology, is the ëiní thing when it comes to knee replacement surgery.  If your knees are troubling you and you are looking for a knee replacement new technology, then the good news is that there are many advanced technologies available these days which can assure you healthy knees that will help you get rid of knee pain for life!

Knee replacement is a surgical process that involves the removal of damaged bone and cartilage tissue and its replacement with an artificial joint made of either metal or plastic. These days with knee replacement new technology, one can get custom made artificial joints that can help you in moving your knee around easily and that too without any pain.

Knee replacement in the past was usually done by surgeons, who used to make a freehand cut of the damaged bones in order to get the knee replacement prosthesis to fit perfectly. This method was not efficient in getting the alignment right and many patients later on complained about premature wear, pain and inability of free movement in their knees.

A few years back, usage of computer assisted navigation was introduced to decrease the alignment errors by taking the correct measurement of the patientís anatomy of the knee. This computer assisted navigations were done in the following methods:

- Patient specific cutting block – In the recent past there have been a number of new technologies introduced in knee replacement prosthetics. The most prominent one being the cutting block as per the patientís anatomy of the knee. Here, the patient gets a CT scan or an MRI done and the reports are sent to the manufacturing company, wherein the correct anatomical measurements of the knee are taken into consideration. Once a surgical plan is created, it is then sent to the surgeon for approval. The cutting blocks are then created and henceforth used during the knee replacement surgery to make the precise cuts in the patient leg or knee. This knee replacement new technology helps in having a durable, long lasting transplant without the person experiencing any kind of pain or restriction of motion.

- Patient specific implant – This is a step ahead from the previous technology and wherein the cutting blocks are not the only items made as per the patientís anatomy by the manufacturing company, but also the implant is customized accordingly to match the shape and size of the patients knee cap. This knee replacement new technology is not widely available but provides full comfort to the patient post operation for many years to come.

The advancement in knee replacement new technology has its own share of pros and cons. While these new technologies are on a costlier side as compared to traditional method for knee replacement, they are also suitable for wide range of patients.

As per knee replacement surgeons, knee replacement new technology is not only effective for those who want primary knee replacement to be done, but it is also ideal for those who need to replace both the knees if they are suffering from bilateral osteoarthritis.

Knee Replacement New Technology

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