Bronchitis Laryngitis

Bronchitis Laryngitis

Many people get confused between bronchitis and laryngitis. Though both these problems exhibit pretty much the same symptoms, there still are a few essential differences.

The primary cause of bronchitis is infection through a virus and also, a bacterial infection while laryngitis can be caused by a viral infection or a bacterial infection or a fungal infection. Bronchitis and laryngitis are both characterised by an inflammation. In the case of laryngitis it is the inflammation of the larynx while in the case of bronchitis it is the inflammation of the lining of the trachea.

Bronchitis strikes just at the end of a cold. Main reasons why patients become vulnerable to bronchitis is when the physician or the patient himself or herself has not taken their weak immune system into consideration. When you are incorrectly treated and your present health condition is not factored into your treatment course, you become easy target for both bronchitis and laryngitis, especially the former.

Another point of similarity between bronchitis and laryngitis is that they both strike the respiratory system. This means that when a patient develops either of the condition, he or she is likely to experience difficulty in breathing. The mucus lining that protects the trachea from harm is damaged during bronchitis. Therefore, during breathing, the air passage pains and causes incessant coughing. Laryngitis also causes a lot of coughing and problems to smooth breathing, when the swelling begins to get out of hand.

Most medical practioners find the symptoms and causes of bronchitis and laryngitis to be very similar. This means that in both cases, the patient is likely to loose normal functioning of his or her voice, face breathing problems and have a painful throat. Both bronchitis and laryngitis do not go away suddenly. Even after the infection that has caused the problem has been effectively treated, both bronchitis and laryngitis stay on for at least a week or two. This is because both need time to recover and it is only after some time that you can regain normal functioning of your throat and have your original voice quality.

Both bronchitis and laryngitis might turn into acute or chronic problem if left untreated for long. They require proper attention and care and if they are not given that then they might develop serious complications. Also, because both bronchitis and laryngitis can be caused due to inhaling of fumes and other toxic substances, which are likely to irritate the larynx or the trachea, it is best to avoid exposure to them. Both these conditions are further aggravated if the patient is a regular smoker or drinker. Smoking also irritates the throat and alcohol contains ethanol that does the same to the trachea and the larynx.
Treatment for bronchitis and laryngitis should be undertaken carefully, keeping in mind the advice of a doctor who is able to differentiate between the two. As both the conditions worsen on faulty treatment or a weak immune system, it is best not to self medicate in either of the situations.

Bronchitis Laryngitis

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